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9 juin

Examples of Master 2 Thesis

Master Thesis Subject : Irrigated Cropland monitoring
The goal of my Master Thesis was to produce a map of irrigated croplands for two watersheds in the south-west of France. I created a model that take satellite images data as input to predict the kind of crop growing in each field (corn, sunflower, soya, ...). Different cereals have different water needs, so by predicting what grows in a field we have an estimation of the required water in the area. This allows for better water management and this is very valuable, because as the climate dries up in southern europe, water gets more scarce and irrigating croplands gets harder.

Studied area : in red: the Adour watershed, in blue: the Tarn watershed. The black squares are satellite image tiles distributed by the Theia platform. The white outline is the including all the ground truth data (black polygons).

The model was created using supervised learning, open data from the Sentinel european program, and a training set provided by Cesbio. Because the areas are very large, only a small portion of the parcels are known (we drive by and look at the crops, then note what is growing this year). Overall only ~2% of the area is known using this technique and we have the predict what is growing in the rest of the fields.
Such large scale studies can only be made in reasonable time using remote sensing images.
The pixel-wise classification looks as follow: (each pixel is 10m*10m).
Master Student Feedback : "I learned a lot by doing my Master Thesis at Cesbio, it was very enriching to be able to work in a lab 2 days a week. I also put in practice a lot of things teached during the Master 2 CSA, in particular the Image Processing for Aerospace course (for instance, we have practical sessions with Orfeo Toolbox - a remote sensing image processing tool that is also used by a lot of labs)."

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