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26 janv.

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Applications for 2021-2022 academic year are Open!

After May 21st (1st year) and May 27th (2nd year), it will be too late for September 2021 Applications ! You will be able to start new applications by November 2020 for a start of the Programme in September 2021. 

We want to encourage ambitious and highly-motivated international students to apply for this Master’s degree programme. This programme has a strong international focus, reflected also in the language of tuition (English). With limited tuitions fees, we are interested in international applications because we want to offer all students a truly international programme, within a multi-cultural atmosphere, with fellow students and lecturers from all over the word.  

There are two distinct possibilities for admission to the Computer Science for Aerospace Master (CSA Master):  
  • 1st-year Master entry for students having validated 3 years of undergraduate studies in a related field.
  • 2nd-year Master entry for students having validated 4 years of undergraduate/postgraduate studies in a related field.
Transcripts of your results and/or your diploma must provide evidence of:
  • 80 ECTS in Computer Science and/or Information Technologies 
  • 15 ECTS in Mathematics 
  • 10 ECTS in Internships, projects or thesis work
If the candidate comes from a non-ECTS country, evidence of equivalent qualifications and experience should be provided. 

All candidates need to have a certified high level of English (having studied in English, being a native English-speaker, or test results in TOEFL/TOEIC/Cambridge or equivalent).

In order to apply, you have to: 
STEP 1 : fill the following questionnaire for a quick pre-processing of your application. Do it only ONCE per application. This pre-processing is not formally mandatory but allows the Application Board to give you a quick feedback on your application. 

STEP 2 : if you are a European Union citizen
- you MUST apply officially at the university:
       - For Master 1 Applications:   eCandidat, University site (between April 23th, 2019 and May 21st, 2019). (some explaination are here in English
       - For Master 2 Applications :   eCandidat, University site (between April 29th, 2019 and May 27th, 2019). (some explaination are here in English

STEP 2 : if you are not an European Union citizen:
- CASE 1 : if your country is listed here list of countries : you MUST apply through the "Campus France" portal (check with the French embassy for updated information), or you would not get a VISA.   Campus France (deadline for application is 20th March, 2019). On the portal, to find the Master CSA, just enter "Computer Science for Aerospace" in the search engine, and you will find us (see image). 
- CASE 2 : If you are not concerned by the previous Campus France procedure (CASE 1), you MUST apply officially at the university:
       - For Master 1 Application :  eCandidat, University site (between April 23th and May 21st, 2019). (some explaination are here in English
       - For Master 2 Application :   eCandidat, University site (between April 29th and May 27th, 2019). (some explaination are here in English

A first round of selection will be processed in February, a second in March, a third in April and a final one in June. Please note that the capacity of the Master is limited to 18 students for first year (M1) and 18 also for second year (M2). 



To apply, fill in the following questionnaire. The sooner, the better, since the number of places is limited.  

Be Careful : the total size of your document (together) should not exceed 10 MBytes otherwise you will receive an error from the mail server (actually you receive the following error: "Error : org.apache.commons.mail.EmailException: Sending the email to the following server failed :")

listen to the word to enter

Last updated January 18, 2021


Applications: Next year application is open

Beginning of Next Year

- 21st September, 2020 (9am) for M1, room "TBA"
- 21st September, 2020 (10am) for M2, room "TBA"

Time schedule

- M1: Schedule
- M2: Schedule


A flyer describing the Master is available!

A poster is also available here!

The syllabus of the Master CSA Program (Year 1) is here
The syllabus of the Master CSA Program (Year 2) is here

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