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17 déc.

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Why study in Toulouse?  

  • 4th town in France (by size)
  • 426 000 inhabitants (850 000 with suburbs)
  • 2nd town in France by number of students (115000 students, 10000 researchers)
  • 2nd oldest university in France
  • 3rd most dynamic city in the world and "France’s dynamo" (Newsweek)
  • in the Top 10 European Destinations in 2014 (Lonely Planet)
  • warm mediterranean summers and mild winters

  • birthplace of global civil and military aviation
  • premier venue for conceiving and servicing satellites

Marvelously located in South of France at:
  • 110km from Pyrenean mountains
  • 150km from the Mediterranean sea
  • 250km from the Atlantic ocean
For students who arrive in Toulouse, the ToulBox site will help you in several ways. It is provided by the University of Toulouse. Check here :

Some sites to know more: 
SoToulouse: Neuf Touloues
Lonely Planet:

Last updated June 16, 2016


Applications: June 2nd, 2017 (for Master 1) and June 6th, 2017 (for Master 2) !

Beginning of Year

- September, 18th 2017 (9am) for M1 
- September, 19th 2017 (9am) for M2

Time schedule

- M1: Schedule
- M2: Schedule


A flyer describing the Master is available!

A poster is also available here!

The syllabus of the Master CSA Program (Year 1) is here
The syllabus of the Master CSA Program (Year 2) is here

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