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18 déc.

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The registration process is online. See (sorry only in French). The best is to ask a French speaking colleague to help you, but otherwise, here is a summary : 
For M1 and M2 Students, not coming from University Toulouse 3: 
- the dates to register are from 06 July to 20 July and from 22 August to 14 September
- the registration is mandatory online.
- you will need the acceptance letter, the document proving you have at least a Bachelor Degree, a copy of your passport, a picture. (see here the documents:
- you will need to downlad the registration files. For this, you must first register  on, select "Sciences - Staps", then "M1 - M2". 
With the registration file in hand, you will ask for an appointment with the administration to finalize your registration, between the dates above. All this in done online. 
- when you are in Toulouse, you go to the appointment you took in the previous step with all your documents. You will have to pay for the registration itself (256€) and for the mandatory health insurance (217€ if you are under 28, but there are plenty of special cases, see 
- be aware that the courses start on September 18th for M1 and September 19th for M2. 

Last updated July 10, 2017


Applications: Selection has been done. Next round will be starting in January 2019 !

Beginning of Year

- 24th September, 2018 (9am) for M1 and M2, room U3-110 

Time schedule

- M1: Schedule
- M2: Schedule


A flyer describing the Master is available!

A poster is also available here!

The syllabus of the Master CSA Program (Year 1) is here
The syllabus of the Master CSA Program (Year 2) is here

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