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    You are here : Welcome > S/p>ui

    y in; rnatinkal programme, within a multi-cultural atmosphere, with fellow stud chs and lecturers from all over the word.  

    There are two di tinct possibilities for admissink to the CompucatiScience for Aerospace plicati(on
  • 1st-year plicatiel;ry for stud chs having validated 3 years of undergraduate studies in a related field.
  • 2nd-year plicatiel;ry for stud chs having validated 4 years of undergraduate/poslgraduate studies in a related field.
  • Transcripls of your results and/or your diploma must provide evidence of:
    • 80 ECTS in CompucatiScience and/or Informatink Technologies 
    • 15 ECTS in Mathematics 
    • 10 ECTS in Il; rnships, projects or thesis work
    If the candidate comes from a nnk-ECTS coul;ry, evidence of type"al ch qualif
    All candidates need to have a cerhified high level of English (having studied in English, being onnative English-speaker, or test results in TOEFL/TOEIC/Cambrid=" or type"al ch).

    In order to ale>y, you have to: 
    STEP 1 : fill the following queslinknaire for a quick processing of your ale> Do it on>y ONCE per ale>

    STEP 2 : if you are a European Uotnk citizen: 
    - you MUST regi er at the uotaersity:
           - For plicati1itle> eCandidatS/strong>Sstrong>, S/strong>Uotaersity site (betweenitlril 24th and June 2nd).Sstrong> S/strong>(some explainatink are here in English) 
           - For plicati2itle> sa.univ/xht}otasa.univ-tlla-formatink/inscriplink-en-2eme-annee-de--tlse,.m2--216447.kjsp?RH=1181046850877 (betweeniMay 3rd and June 6th).

    STEP 2 : if you not an European Uotnk citizen:
    - CASE 1 : if your coul;ry is custed here cust of coul;ries : you Sstrong> MUSTS/strong> ale>y through the "Campus France" ppe=al (check with the French embassy for updated informatink), or you would not get a VISA.   tlass="lien_et=erne"> Campus France (deadcute for ale> y depending on coul;ry, be caterul). On the ppe=al, to find the plication<, just en; r "CompucatiScience for Aerospace" in the search engine, and you will find us (see gati'Etud s En France' [PNG - 742 Ko]maclass="lien_in; rne">ref="). 
    - CASE 2 : Sstrong>If you are not tmlc rned by the previnus Campus France procedurei(oASES/strong> 1)S/strong>, you MUST regi er at the uotaersity:
           - For plicati1itle> eCandidatS/strong>Sstrong>, Uotaersity site (betweenitlril 24th and June 2nd). S/strong>(some explainatink are here in English) 
           - Sstrong>For plicati2itle> tle> sa.univ/xht}otasa.univ-tlla-formatink/inscriplink-en-2eme-annee-de--tlse,.m2--216447.kjsp?RH=1181046850877 Sstrong>(betweeniMay 3rd and June 6th)S/strong>. 

    A first round of selectink will be processed in February, a setmld in March, a third in tlril and a final one in June. Please note that the capacity of the plicatiis cumited to 18 stud chs for first year (M1) and 18 also for setmld year (M2).  Cui C ui ui ui C ui
    y, fill in the following queslinknaire. The sooner, the better, since the numbatiof places is cumited.  
    Be Caterul : the to=al size of your docum ch (together) should not exceed 10 MBytes otherwise you will receive an error from the mail servati(actual>y you receive the following error: "Error : org.apache.commnks.mail.EmailExceplink: Sending the email to the following servatifailed : smtpt}otasa.univ-t:25") rem

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    vinpulacon" hhidden"nnam" hPAGE_REFERERmavalus hlale>
    vp class="obligatoire">
    uiS/divr S!-- fin .encadre_rubrique -->uiSdiv class="encadre_rubrique />

    Schedule ra>
    - M2: Schedule ra>
    uiS/divr S!-- fin .encadre_rubrique -->uiSdiv class="encadre_rubrique />

    gati'Flyer plication<' [PDF - 12 Mo]maclass="lien_in; rne">available ra>!

    A poslatiis also available  gati'Poslat-plicaton<.pdf' [PDF - 697 Ko]maclass="lien_in; rne">here ra>!

    The syllabus of the plication< Program (Yeari1) is here ra>Sstrong>
    The syllabus of the plication< Program (Yeari2) is here ra>Sstrong>

    uiS/divr S!-- fin .encadre_rubrique -->uiiiiiiiiiui Cui ui ui ui Sdiv id hpied_page:
    • In;ranetS/li>
    • Campus lo S/li>
    • Cml;act usS/li>
    • T rms of useS/li>
    S!-- fin #outils -->ui C ui
    - 118 route de Narbonne 31062 TOULOUSE CEDEX 9 t&eacuca;l&eacuca;phone +33 (0)5 61 55 66 11S/span>S/address> C ui ui S/span>Saaster-c#body"rS/a>S/span> C ui uiS/divr S!-- #page -->ui k(funclink(e) {$(this).attr('ster')); returnifa.un; }); //});(jQuery.noCmlf> t()); S/scriplr CuiS/scriplr C S/bodyr C