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25 mai

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1st Year

During the first year, the students are taught through core courses. This 1st year can be seen as a foundation-building first step in the curriculum during which students acquire essential skills. More than half of the year is spent on specific courses dedicated solely to the specialty Computer Science for Aerospace. (1-Year Syllabus is here!)

All students having successfully completed this 1st year are automatically accepted in the 2nd year. 

Computer science core courses

Scientific Computing (4 ETCS)
Parallel & Distributed Systems (5 ECTS)
Object Modeling (5 ECTS)
Advanced Algorithmics (5 ECTS)
Language Theory (5 ECTS)


Introduction to Embedded Systems (3 ECTS)
Computer-Human Interactive Systems (3 ECTS)
Embedded Architecture, Systems, Networks (6 ECTS)
Advanced Optimisation (3 ECTS)
Security (3 ECTS)
Distributed Databases (3 ECTS) 

Research and Hands-on experience

Research Initiation (3 ECTS)
Software Tools, Project (3 ECTS)

Additional topics

Business in Intercultural Environments (3 ECTS)
(French) Language (6 ECTS)
Internship (Optional)

Last updated January 9, 2018


Applications: 23th April, 2018 to 21st May, 2018 (for Master 1) and 30th April 2018 to 28th May 2018 (for Master 2) !

Beginning of Year

- September, 2018 (9am) for M1 
- September, 2018 (9am) for M2

Time schedule

- M1: Schedule
- M2: Schedule


A flyer describing the Master is available!

A poster is also available here!

The syllabus of the Master CSA Program (Year 1) is here
The syllabus of the Master CSA Program (Year 2) is here

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